What is Marriage at Cana?

Like Most Marriages I had a Challenging Marriage especially at the earlier part of our union. It was so bad I knew only God could restore what the devil was determined to destroy. I promised God I will serve HIM in any area of HIS wish if HE restores my marriage which God did in the most miraculous way. He is faithful indeed! After my marriage was restored and transformed gloriously by the Lord.


I completely forgot my own part of the bargain to the Lord for many years until one day the Holy Spirit reminded me of the promise I made to the Lord on the train on my way to work. I pleaded for forgiveness and that was the birth of “Marriage at Cana’’

The Purpose of Marriage at Cana

The Purpose of Marriage at Cana is for everyone to make significant changes in our marriages according to the word of God and also, to rebuild our children's trust and confidence in marrriage, the family as a unit.