Meet The Visionier


My Name is Sade Dada and marriage at Cana is my personal testimony. I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mother, a Child of God and a work in progress. It is by God's Grace and it is a privilege for God to commit anything into our hands and I do not take it for granted! Thank you God for your Grace!


Marriage at Cana started in February 2013 due to the experience I had in my marriage which was difficult but I later prayed to God to bring healing and restoration to my broken marriage and I will serve and do His will, the Lord was faithful bringing restoration, sweetness to the sour in my marriage!

My Goal

My goal is to create an atmosphere where couples feel free and safe to share their marriage experiences, find encouragement, seek the word of God, pray together and affirm each other.

Marriage at Cana is about cheering one another along through the journey of marriage.

It is dedicated to bringing you encouragement through seminars,  supporting one another’s marriages through prayers.


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